Through the nature based coaching course I have experienced the magic and the power of working in and with nature. The training gave me indepth tools and a strong basis to start my own coaching company. I would like to thank you very much Nanette, you inspire and bring peace, confidence, a lot of wisdom and commitment. –  Yolanda  Rosbag  NatuurPlus  Coaching

Thank you Nanette, for demonstrating that nature is a beautiful mirror for people. It is a true gift to be able to help clients discover what is going on in their lives through open and curious questioning. By simply walking outside, we give space and allow movement to happen. Wow!!  – Fleur  Schreppers

Hello Nanette, after I followed the nature based coaching course with you I started to see my own light more clearly, it makes me genuinely grateful! In the meantime, our website is in the works: LandvanFloor.nl and I discover that I have gathered quite a bit of insight and tools to do various outdoor activities. – Annet Tromp

I learned to look at nature with different eyes, experienced more contact with 'my own nature' and learned many valuable techniques to start this awakening process with a coachee. Nanette teaches in a very present, powerful way, with a lot of attention to what is here, now. Her quiet way of being, her clear and open mind and disarming way of asking questions, was very inspiring for me. Thank you!  - Karen Segers

I really enjoyed the training and the best part is, that by now, with small steps, I have started my own nature based coaching practice. I am always surprised that walking outside is so much more effective than indoors. The program is well thought out. Each time I go out with a client I discover that it's ever so true what Nanette writes in her hand-out. The content is getting more and more meaningful.  - Claudia van Leent

I found Nanette’s course in nature based coaching very inspiring. She has created her own unique way of including nature in the process of coaching, where the progression of each session is carefully chosen to be of great meaning and guidance in the client’s process. I found much inspiration in watching her coaching. The course material is written as a clear and simple “step by step” manual, which makes you feel safe in the process and enables you to use it while practicing with your try-out clients. - Eva Marie Christiansen, Copenhagen, Denmark

Through this course I rediscovered the love for 'natural coaching'. It was great to be reminded not to steer to solutions, not to work hard, but only to ask questions out of curiosity and wonder. Coaching thus became effortless, yet with deep and profound results.- Arjen  Luijendijk