About us

In the beginning of 2001 Nanette Kant started her practice as an outdoor life coach. In that time, life coaching in nature was quite unknown. During the years that followed, she developed an inspiringly profound method, with which she successfully guided many individual clients. Besides the individual coaching, she teached  hundreds of life coaches to work with this nature based method.

Parallel to her work as a life coach and trainer, she took powerful steps in her own personal development. In her work, as well as in her private life she chose to face quite a few challenges. The results are noticeable in all programs offered by Innersteps. They are distinguished by lived through knowledge and are based on a clear vision.



Currently Nanette is being regarded as one of the experts of nature based life coaching. ‘You develop expertise by doing. Whether you become an expert in your work, or an expert in the art of living, you mainly learn through experience. Facing the challenges, however difficult they are, that is what makes you grow’, says Nanette.

She knows, by experience, that growth and development only take place by literally taking steps. And those steps (and that is the paradox), mainly consist of standing still, watching, feeling, allowing. Again and again. 'Wisdom cannot be learned from books, nor can it be taught by your life coach, it can only develop by experience'. This is her conviction.

Over the years Innersteps has grown to be a school with several skilled teachers and an office manager. It is their mutual goal to let others grow in their expertise. To let them feel experts in their work and in the art of living.


Our team

Nanette (founder), Marenthe (trainer), Myrtle (trainer), Iva (trainer), Ditty (office manager)