How do we work?

We believe in 'The way of no way’. Instead of taking quick steps towards a solution, we take time to carefully observe what is happening in the here and now. The change that is needed will follow then more naturally, without any effort, and will also be more grounded.

Nanette knows from experience that change cannot be forced. We can only create the ultimate circumstances, to have our potential develop at its own natural pace. ‘As a guide you help to make conscious what has been unconscious. Just by asking questions and creating a safe space where feelings, thoughts and emotions can be observed without any fear. If you guide this process mindfully, an open space will arise, where new steps will be made naturally. For this the life coach needs to have a grounded attitude and an open, keen, loving and above all curious mind.’

‘True and profound changes connect to how you look at things,’ says Nanette. ‘There is a big difference between learning to do things differently, or looking at your work and life from a new perspective. Then we no longer speak about change, but we speak about transformation.’