Discover the magic of coaching in nature

Imagine having beautiful walks. And beautiful talks. In nature. Every day. And image this would be your work. Enjoying freedom while helping others to get some clarity of mind. How would that be?

I have been doing this work, which I call Nature based coaching, for over 20 years and I love it. In all these years there has not been a single day when it felt like hard work. There was not oneday that was boring. After each session I came home full of energy. Happy I could be of service.

Does this seem attractive to you too? With all these years of experience as a nature based coach, I have developed a powerful concept with in-depth work forms, to guide people towards more peace and happiness.

Do you want to know how? Download our free nature based coaching course. Take it into the woods and discover the magic of nature based coaching. I wish you a lot of  joy!

Nanette Kant, founder of Innersteps, School for nature based coaching





Leader in nature based coaching courses

Innersteps is based in Holland and has grown to be a leader and expert in offering nature based coaching courses. With our team of teachers we offer a range of courses in The Netherlands. As they are all Dutch spoken, we decided to create a unique  online course in English for all students around the world that do not speak Dutch.

This online course is designed for (future) coaches and therapists who like to take their clients into nature and want to deepen their work with individuals. Participants will learn unique nature based work forms, and experience how they create profound results in only a few sessions.

Mindfulness is our ground attitude

Mindfulness is the ground attitude from which we work. Mindfulness is based on ancient Buddhist principles. In short it means: focusing your awareness, without any judgments, in the here and now. This means, that you consciously accept reality as it is. Whether this reality is desirable or not.

You practice to work from this non-judgmental attitude and you guide your client in looking at his or her dilemma, with that same attitude. We believe that change is only possible by observing your thoughts and actions carefully, and by embracing all your emotions lovingly, without any judgment. What has been unconscious will become conscious and this will automatically alter old patterns.



We are part of nature

All our programs are based on the idea, that we as humans are not seperate from, but part of nature. And so we believe that being happy and fully living your potential is only possible when you respect nature’s universal laws.

In nature, everything has its own pace of growing and it’s own unique value in the bigger whole. An oak tree grows slow, an eucalyptus tree grows fast. An apple tree grows apples, a pear tree grows pears. To give each tree its full potential, we need to respect its natural rhythm of growth. The promise of the fruit is already hidden in the seed.

And so it is with humans. All we need to do is follow ones natural pace and create the best circumstances  to live ones full, unique potential.

Working with symbols deepens the process of awareness

Life coaching in nature is a refreshing new way of coaching. We walk whilst talking and nature will actively be incorporated in each session. Outdoor coaching offers some valuable advantages:

  • Walking in nature helps you to become quiet in your mind. Nature is restful, therefore you will be able to listen better to your inner voice, there where you can find all the answers to your questions.
  • Whilst walking, your body moves. Everything that is stuck in your mind, will more easily start to clear.
  • A conversation that takes place in the open, offers space for moments of silence and reflection. Eye contact is not always necessary. Therefore it will be easier for the client to express issues that are difficult or painful.
  • Outside in nature, you will literally and figuratively move outside your own world and paths. You will step into a new environment, set foot on new tracks, look over new views, discover new horizons. Therefore you will be more easily receptive for new experiences, views and initiatives.

Nature offers not only a tranquil environment for stillness and reflection, it also offers endless possibilities to work with metaphors and symbols. Working with symbols will deepen the process of awareness instantly and lead invariably to new insights and profound breakthroughs.


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