The online course nature based coaching

This unique course is designed for coaches and therapists who like to take their clients into nature and want to deepen their work with individuals. Also people who are new to coaching, can learn a lot from this course.

Participants will learn unique nature based work forms, and experience how they create profound results in only a few sessions.

The aim is to teach you how to coach in a state of flow. When we coach in an open state of being, we create a loving environment in which awareness and change can take place in a natural way.

How do we do that? By being entirely in the here and now. By observing with an open and alert eye. Curious, but neutral. And above all, by trusting that the answers will unfold naturally. It is a way of coaching that is effortless, an organic process, in which you as a coach are merely the spectator rather than the creator. Your strength is that you are completely in tune with yourself. You are in total acceptance of yourself, the environment and the process of the client.

It means that you no longer long for things to be different from what they are in that moment. Or that your client needs to change more rapidly, because you can already identify the problem. You follow the pace that unfolds itself, patiently, lovingly and trustfully.

Every step begins with standing still

Even though coaching is directed to mobilise people, Innersteps’s vision is that every step begins with standing still. That which blocks your life stream can only start moving if it’s fully and lovingly embraced. All resistance present in your clients’ current situation needs to be discharged, before continuing onward. This means that coaching from the perspective of Innersteps isn’t as much a search for solutions, but more a reflection on what is already right there. Seeing it, feeling it and embracing it.

The task of the coach is primarily to ask questions directed to bringing awareness and to offer a safe environment in which all the processes inhabiting the client can be felt. If this process is carefully guided, then progress will follow naturally. Therefore, in this course, a lot of emphasis will be put on observing, feeling and acknowledging of what is.



How can you teach online what is supposed to be practised outside?

So we always work outside in nature. Using the environment as a source of inspiration.

Now how can we teach you this online? By providing you a lot of  video tutorials and video demonstrations, in which you see me working with a client. And then, by giving you a clear roadmap, you will have all you need to go out there in nature and practice with try out clients yourself. Because thats what you have to do. Find try out clients (or fellow students) and practice! Only buy practicing a lot, you will learn.

So what do you get

What do students get:

  • Experience based learning
  • Unique work forms
  • Solid tools and tips
  • A clear road map for a complete coaching program
  • Unique video recordings of Nanette, working with a client in nature
  • Video tutorials
  • Downloadable worksheets
  • Q&A Podcasts
  • Free admittance to the course for two fellow students, so you can study and practice together (and share the costs of this course if you like)
  • Life long assistance in your coaching practice. Questions are always welcome and will  be answered by Nanette herself.

After this course you will know how to coach, mentor, and lead others in a very natural way with some of the most powerful tools one can offer.

Content of the online course

De content of the online course exists of 10 lessons.

1 - Introduction

An overview of the whole content of this course.

2 - Vision & working method

A comprehensive explanation of our vision and the way we work, including an overview of the 5 phases of a coaching trajectory.

3 - Where do you stand now? (1st session)

In this lesson you will find written material, instruction video’s and live recordings of session 1. In this 1st session you will explore your client’s current situation and the issues at hand.

4 - What is your desire? (2nd session)

In this lesson you will find written material, instruction video’s and live recordings of  session 2. In this 2nd session you take time to set a clear goal for the coaching trajectory. What is it exactly what they desire? And can they truly own this desire?

5 - What is holding you back? (3rd session)

In this lesson you will find written material, instruction video’s and live recordings of of session 3. In this session you invite your client to investigate their fears and embrace them. You also invite them to finally stand for what they really want.

6 - Enhancing your inner strength (4th session)

In this lesson you will find written material, instruction video’s and live recordings of of session 4. In this session you’ll be looking at how your client can increase their inner strength by looking at their soul qualities.

7 - Completing (5th session)

In this lesson you will find written material, instruction video’s and live recordings of session 5. In this 5th session you work towards completing the process, you will create a clear step-by-step plan and the client performs a symbolic ritual to anchor all the insights and choices that have been made.

8 - Summary & pratice instructions

In this lesson you will find a resume of all you have learned so far and extra information about recognizing pittfalls, how to be a good observer and how to get the most out of your try out sessions.

9 - 50 Questions for the nature based coach

A handy overview of different questions you can ask your client to gain more awareness on their issues.

10 - Q & A Podcasts

If there are any un answered questions, you can always send them in, and Nanette will add the answer on audio file to the list of Q & A.


The price of this unique course is

999 €

(VAT exempt)

  • You will find the option for payment in installments on the purchase page.
  • You can start any time you like and will have a life long acces

You can follow this course perfectly on your own, but we believe you will get so much more out of this course when you practice together with one or two fellow students. So we encourage you to find friends who are interested in following this course as well.  Once you have bought the course, you can share your login details. If you then split the amount you have paid for this course, you will all have a great bargain!