During summer I sleep with my windows wide open. It is wonderful to wake up each morning with the sound of the birds singing in the garden and silently witness all those unique sounds. One sings a melody, the other is jus rattling about and a bit further away there is this nice repeating tune. I do not know what it is all about, but it is fascinating to hear how every bird has its own particular way of singing.

We usually do not judge over birds. We do not have certain ideas of how they should sing, we have no expectations about their behaviour. We usually brighten up when they appear and are not disappointed when they disappear. We just smile and wonder.

How would it be if we approach other people just like we do with birds? How would it be if we let go of all our assumptions and would only observe in wonder? If we would only listen to the tune of the other person out of curiosity, without making stories in your mind about what you hear and see? Just perceive in total openness the actions of the other. What will happen? Will we brighten up just like we do when listening to the sounds of the birds?

My experience is that it becomes lighter and certainly more cheerful. And that I notice other things with the other person. The intentions, of which they speak, become clearer. More understanding and respect arises. And within myself I experience humility. Not in the sense of Calimero (I am small and you is big) but humility in the sense of having deep respect for the true nature of the other person.
It is nice t
o practise in wondering. To simply be curious, without any judgement. A mantra that can be of support could be: O, does that bird sing like that!

Do you feel like practising this too? Let me know your experiences!